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macOS 10.14 or later

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Navicat Premium is an all-in-one database admin and migration tool for MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Navicat combines all Navicat versions in an ultimate version and can connect MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. Navicat allows user to drag and drop tables and data from Oracle to MySQL, PostgreSQL to MySQL, Oracle to PostgreSQL and vice versa within a single client. Also, batch jobs for different databases such as print report in MySQL, backup data in Oracle and synchronize data in PostgreSQL can also be scheduled and automated to run at a specific time. All in all, Navicat Premium can help database users to save lots of time to manage multiple databases and perform cross database data migration at their fingertips.

This Database Client tool runs on Mac OS X and features an intuitive interface. Other advanced features including Backup/ Restore, Data Import/ Export, Data Synchronization, Reporting and Remote Connection to MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle server, etc. This database migration tool provides a friendly step-by-step Wizard-GUI. All you want to do is: select a data source and a target output format, then submit migration!

The quoted price is the cost of Non-Commercial version. Additional pricing information can be found on the developer’s site.

What's new

*** You need to disable the System Integrity Protection (SIP) to perform the selected Application.

5 comments on "Navicat Premium 16"

  1. Nate says:

    Thank you so much

  2. MacXpert says:

    This package, as so many others, unfortunately, instructs macOS users to disable SIP.

    To run the application all you have to do is remove the quarantine attribute SIP attributes to it, by running:

    sudo xattr -r -d /Applications/Navicat\

    And insert your password.

  3. Anonoymous says:

    Does not work on m1 mac. It says file is damaged and can not be opened

  4. Burst says:

    Why need to disable SIP for this one ?

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