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5.3.0 (67)

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5.3.0 (67)
macOS 10.15 or later

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DxO PhotoLab 5 (was DxO Optics Pro) provides a complete set of smart assisted corrections that you can manually fine-tune at any time. Take control on every aspect of your photos: effectively remove noise, get rid of light constraints, recover color details, apply sophisticated optical corrections, and enhance details.

Designed by and for photographers with exacting standards and a love for beautiful images, DxO PhotoLab 3 offers the most flexible and powerful processing and correction tools on the market.

    • DxO Smart Lighting – Optimizes the dynamic range of your image and brings out the details from both under- and overexposed areas.
    • DxO ClearView – Intelligently boosts local contrast and effectively removes distant haze.
    • DxO PRIME – Automatically denoises high ISO RAW images and recovers accurate details and colors based on our exclusive algorithms.
    • Optical Corrections – Leverage your gear with tailored automatic corrections based on DxO’s renowned scientific expertise in measurement and calibration.
    • Introducing U Point – Give your photos your own artistic touch by manually applying selective corrections to specific areas of your image, using exclusive DxO Local Adjustment Tools that include: Control points (U Point technology), graduated filters, manual and automatic brushes, automatic repair tool, etc.
    • Intelligent algorithms adapt settings to your gear as well as to image content
    • Copy and paste settings from one image to another
    • 30 built-in presets, fully customizable to give your photos the look you like
    • Multiple exports in one click
      • Export to multiple formats for web, printing, or backup
      • Export directly to social networks such as Facebook, Flickr, or to other photo editors
    • File management that works with your computer (no import step required)
    • Direct access to images
  • Seamless integration with Lightroom via plugin
  • Customizable workspace to adapt to your needs – Dual-screen friendly

Homepage: https://www.dxo.com/dxo-photolab/

3 comments on "DxO PhotoLab 5"

  1. Henry Custard says:

    5.3 and 5.4 both won’t EXPORT anything…I have no anti virus on my system, tried uninstalling…deleting remaining root folders…same result…no matter what photolab won’t export period…it just hangs…tried changing render engines too…restarted photolab…same result.

  2. Linda Assher says:

    Please, update…there is new version.

  3. zed zed says:

    This version has a major bug when exporting files for Macbook M1 chipset if you have it uninstall it and reinstall previous version


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