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Capo 3 is a revolutionary tool for all musicians who want to get better at playing the music they love. Kenny Wright, the bassist for John Legend, Pharrell, Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole and many more says:

“Capo’s a lifesaver, it truly is! I always carry my iPad, and now I can use Capo there and on my computer. I love the initial auto chord detection and the ‘Add Chord’ button to catch every detail of the performance. It takes all the guessing out of learning transition notes, intros, outros, etc. I check everything in Capo!”

It’s true! Capo 3 automatically detects and displays the chords, key and tempo of the songs you load from your music collection. Capo’s Chord Intelligence engine makes quick work of transcribing the chords in a song, and if it gets some chords wrong, Capo’s easy-to-use editing tools make it quick to fix issues.

When loaded, each song displays a spectrogram that lets you to look deep inside your music to not only see what is being played, but how. This display helps you identify bends, vibrato, slides and other nuances of the performance so you can learn to play exactly what you are hearing. You can also click on the notes you see with your mouse, and Capo will generate tablature for you. No need for a notepad, and you can even work without your instrument nearby.

Capo’s sophisticated time stretching engine allows you to slow down your music without changing its pitch or allows you to transpose your music and adjust its pitch without affecting the playback speed. These features are invaluable for practicing solos at a comfortable pace or learning a song in a different key. Capo also includes some easy-to-use effects that can help you to better hear the parts of a song you may be struggling to learn.

It should come as no surprise—practice makes perfect. So we’ve loaded Capo with features that help you practice effectively. Capo’s built-in beat detection engine can detect the beats and bars of your music, helping you quickly set regions for looping and practice. Here you can mark the parts of your music that require extra practice and attention or adjust the speed of different sections while looping to practice over and over again until you have it just right. You can also add a metronome to keep you in time during practice, or to count you in before your loops.

This is just some of what Capo can do for you. To experience for yourself how Capo may make you feel like you have practicing ‘super powers’ – download a FREE trial of Capo today at and test out the songs you want to learn.

Some additional features:

• Plays songs in your existing library that are in MP3, AIFF, WAV, M4A, and the iTunes Plus format sold in the iTunes Store.
• Notation can be changed from guitar to bass, mandolin, ukulele or 5-string bass chords with multiple tuning options available.
• Virtual capos can be added at any fret.
• Chord boxes can be flipped for lefties.
• Effects include mono, graphic equalizer and vocal reduction.
• Export pitch- and speed-corrected audio for use outside Capo, as well as its chord and note entries for use in scoring or other MIDI-compatible applications.

• Save your pitch and speed settings, as well as your region, chord, and note entries, in self-contained Projects so the next time you want to practice you can pick up where you left off learning.
• Share your Projects using email, AirDrop, Messages, or simply by copying a file to another Mac to collaborate with students or other band members.
• Synchronize projects via iCloud. If you also have an iPhone or iPad running Capo touch (available from the iTunes App Store) you will be able to access these Projects from your devices.


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  1. David says:

    There’s a problem with this install. After installing and trying to open the app, it says; “You do not have permission to open the application”

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