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Volume Booster and EQ
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macOS 10.10.3 or later

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Boom 3D: The Best System-wide Volume Booster with 3D Surround Sound

  • ‎Boom3D: Volume Booster and EQ Screenshot
  • ‎Boom3D: Volume Booster and EQ Screenshot
  • ‎Boom3D: Volume Booster and EQ Screenshot
  • ‎Boom3D: Volume Booster and EQ Screenshot
  • ‎Boom3D: Volume Booster and EQ Screenshot
  • ‎Boom3D: Volume Booster and EQ Screenshot
  • ‎Boom3D: Volume Booster and EQ Screenshot
  • ‎Boom3D: Volume Booster and EQ Screenshot
  • ‎Boom3D: Volume Booster and EQ Screenshot
  • ‎Boom3D: Volume Booster and EQ Screenshot
  • ‎Boom3D: Volume Booster and EQ Screenshot
  • ‎Boom3D: Volume Booster and EQ Screenshot
  • ‎Boom3D: Volume Booster and EQ Screenshot
  • ‎Boom3D: Volume Booster and EQ Screenshot

Boom 3D is a system-wide volume booster and equalizer for Mac that delivers an unbelievably realistic and immersive listening experience with its magical 3D Surround Sound and futuristic technology.

It automagically boosts all audio and creates the perfect sound profile for your Mac. With a sleek and intuitive interface, an extensive assortment of presets, an option to control the volumes of individual applications centrally and a wireless control (Boom Remote), Boom 3D gives you full control over the audio coming out of your Mac.

3D Surround Sound-

The app comes with a patent-pending 3D Surround Sound technology that offers a mind-blowing and immersive virtual surround sound that can be experienced on ANY headphones! You will be transported into your story while the audio will flow all around you with incredible realism. It adds an extraordinary sense of depth to even the feeble notes making them BOOM with 3D!

Volume booster-

Boom 3D acts as a volume booster for Mac that takes audio levels up to deliver an enhanced audio experience. This works system-wide so that your entire Mac OS X machine produces louder, better and enhanced volume all the time!

Advanced Audio Player-

Knowing the desires of Audiophiles, Boom 3D comes with a full-fledged audio player that allows you to organize your favorite tracks into playlists and enjoy the sensational studio quality sound, right on your Mac.

Equalizer Presets-

The app has been outfitted with the most advanced Equalizers that allow you to modulate your audio with just the slide of your finger. A vast array of presets has been carefully crafted to match the different genres of music so that you can simply dial into the audio to suit your moods.

20,000+ Radio Stations-

Boom 3D comes with Radio that gives you free access to more than 20,000 local and international Radio stations across 120 countries!

Apps Volume Controller-

Do you want some apps to be mute and other with a high volume? Boom 3D has an intelligent approach when it comes to controlling individual application volumes. The app has been fortified with an Application Level Volume Control that lets you control your volume centrally without the need of opening individual applications.

Controlled Boost-

Don’t worry about cranking up the volume high on your system speakers as Boom 3D comes with Controlled Boost feature that helps you adjust the boost while keeping it in the perfect range.

Intensity Slider-

It offers full control over the audio output and allows you to adjust the Bass and Treble. Shove it up or bring it down until you spot your optimum level.

Audio Effects-

To yield a complete listening experience, Boom 3D brings in amazing audio effects that that can radically transform any kind of audio by adding an intense, unique effect and a completely new perspective.

Wireless Control-

Access Boom 3D features from anywhere within your house or at work with the ‘Boom Remote’ installed on your iPhone and iPad. Control Boom 3D, your Mac’s default volume level, and the playback controls of Spotify, VLC, QuickTime, and iTunes!

If you want to convert your Mac into an entertainment powerhouse for videos, music, movies or games, Boom 3D is a must-have!

Note: Boom 3D may not work when AirPlay and FaceTime are enabled or running on your Mac.

Support: Write to us at [email protected] in case of any queries. We are happy to help!

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23 comments on "Boom 3D"

  1. darksavior says:

    Is the cracker even testing these? 1.3.13-1.3.16 are still not working on m1.

  2. eugine says:

    Versions 1.3.15 / 1.3.14 and 1.3.13 DO NOT WORK on intel macbooks running latest MacOS 12.4. These versions just crash when trying to turn on/off boom and nothing happens. Please take a look into these versions compatibility with intel macs, I don’t know what’t the situation is with m1 macs.

  3. bill says:

    1.3.15 still not working on MacBook m1 Monterey. opens and runs but no boost. I’m back to 1.3.12

  4. whywontthis work says:

    still having to use 1.3.12 on m1 14′ Monterey. opens and runs but no sound boost. what gives?

  5. royzheng says:

    this is a best app!

  6. eugine says:

    version 1.3.13 crashes on when the boom button is pressed to activate the sound enhancement. intel mac running monterey 12.3.

  7. Tonay says:

    Latest version working on 2020 Macbook M1 Air!

  8. bill says:

    broken on m1 pro. loads ok, but no audio boost. had to go back to 1.3.12

  9. darksavior says:

    1.3.13 not working on my m1. It installs and opens at first, but nothing gets enhanced. It eventually crashes and never opens again. I did a proper uninstall of my previous version, rebooted, installed 1.3.13, and re-downloaded the audio component installer.

    I’m back on 1.3.12 that’s working properly.

  10. Boom3D says:

    Latest version doesn’t work, instantly crashes

  11. 406 says:

    Re: Version 1.3.13

    It doesn’t work at all… No boom3d sound output appears in system sound preferences… Double checking is needed!!

    Many Thanks…. 😉

    PS; BTW trial version on its developer site is working OK without any problem….

  12. eugene says:

    1.3.13 crashing when attempting to turn on / off boom

  13. Luca says:

    It crashes a lot, switching back to the older version

  14. Rickyy says:

    Works really well with minimal effort while installing. Only wanted to humbly request if you could kindly consider patching the native M1 version since they have that released as well. Thanks as always

  15. Sulthoni says:

    Work like charm on MBA M1 2020. I have installed “Boom 3D Component Installation” too from “” so this app can handle sound from all apps.

  16. Seyon S says:

    Can we get the updated version? There’s a lot of bugs in the current one.

  17. shoheb says:

    Need new version! 1.3.11

  18. darksavior says:

    Music skips when using this on my m1 mac. Version 1.3.11 has official m1 support. I’ll uninstall and wait for the update.

    • Patryk says:

      how you know? Is there any closed beta version with M1 support? I have some issues on my newest Mac mini m1 I would buy it but need M1 support. Great software and it’s “must have” app

      • darksavior says:

        Cleanmymac has an option to check for app updates. It listed the info for me. Of course, I can’t update boom because it’s cracked.

        Version 1.3.11:
        “Minor user interface defect fixes. Boom 3d is compatible with the apple silicon system (works without rosetta translation)”

  19. Fceer says:

    Need new version! because Big Sur

  20. Nisarg Dave says:

    Can we get the version 1.3.10? this current version has a lot of bugs on big sur when you try to switch the microphone and sound output settings!

  21. honk says:

    thanks for adding boom3d like i requested!

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