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macOS 10.15 or later

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Edit and organize your photos with the app that’s optimized for desktop. Lightroom Classic 2022 gives you powerful one-click tools and advanced controls to make your photos look amazing. Easily organize all your photos on your desktop, and share in a variety of ways.


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RiD install & release notes:
1. Install and sign into CC Desktop app w/ Adobe ID [SKIP if already signed in]
2. Run in INSTALLER DMG to install app
3. Open LrC and start free trial then close app [SKIP if LrC trial already started]
4. Run PATCH PKG file

- AIO includes AntiCC, installer and patch
- Steps outlined may not be the only "road to victory" but they should work in all situations
- "Signed in" means a valid "Adobe User Info" secure note is present in MacOS Keychain
- CC Desktop app is only required to create "Adobe User Info" in Keychain...
AntiCC can be used AFTER this secure note is created...
Use Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to remove ONLY CC Desktop app then install AntiCC


Version Size Requirements Date
11.4.1 1.6GB macOS 10.15 or later 07/01/2022

92 comments on "Adobe Lightroom Classic 2022"

  1. dido says:

    develop mode not working, anyone got fix’?

  2. zbz says:

    can’t get 7-day trial w/o enter my credit card info for subscription.
    Is there a way to bypass this?
    Looks like the patch won’t work w/o turning on 7-day trial first?

  3. Jorge says:

    Develop module not working (version 11.4.1). Tried reinstalling, now CC desktop says trial expired, won’t let me open Lightroom anymore. Useless.

  4. localhost says:

    Getting this error: The installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged. Download the installer file again.?

    here some tips
    1. go to file install right click then pick ” show package contents ”
    2. go to folder contentts > MacOS > install. then right click pick open.

    now u can install

  5. Alex says:

    11.4.1 confirmed to fully work with develop mode on my m1 Mac.

    Breakdown step guide:
    1. Download Adobe Creative Cloud from their offical website and log in with a legitimate account
    Note: I did not begin a trial for Lightroom as it is not necessary

    After downloading the .dmg there are 3 files and txt file
    2. Inside open Lightroom Classic 11.4.1 U2B AIO [RiD] > right click > click show package contents > click contents > click macOS > click Install
    If prompted by Adobe DENY EVERY SINGLE REQUEST for keychain. You have already established keychain when you downloaded Adobe CC officially.
    If you put your password in for keychain develop mode WILL STOP WORKING
    DO put your password in to install Lightroom 11.4.1

    3. Install the Lightroom Classic 11.4.1 U2B AIO [RiD].pkg
    This is the patch

    I did not need to install AntiCC as downloading the offical Adobe Creative Cloud was sufficient

    4. After installing Lightroom 11.4.1 and the patch.pkg you may be prompted to put your password in for keychain
    AGAIN DENY EVERY REQUEST or else develop mode is known to grey out and stop functioning

    To prevent the pop up for keychain access:
    1. Search for Keychain Access
    2. In Default Keychain – Login, search for Adobe and delete every single yellow icon certificate named Adobe

    Now if you open Lightroom it will not request for keychain access and it will function properly, including develop mode.

  6. Neo says:

    Thank you this worked.

  7. Googio says:

    11.4.1 Only work with intel version

  8. rocio says:

    developer mode blank not working AGAIN

  9. ghost says:

    everything is working on M1 mac, just follow the instructions exactly, don’t skip any steps

  10. nuimy says:

    I confirm 11.4.1 works under MacOS 13.0 beta 3 (intel).
    I needed to :
    – copy all the content of the dmg in a local directory
    – sudo xattr -rd ~/Desktop/Lightroom11.4.1/
    – Add to the full disk access allowed apps under prefs/Privacy…

  11. Ale says:

    I confirm, with M1 chip and Monterey 12.4 full work!!
    Thanks so much!

  12. dedsec says:

    please, someone, confirm lightroom is working with the m1 chip

  13. DrYutsun says:

    Hi guys, as soon as I run inside the dmg file I get this error message.
    The installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged. Download the installer file again.

    I am using MacOs Monterrey 12.4 on M1 Pro.


  14. DanBan says:

    Does this work for Catalina? Im trying it out on my back up computer incase the file was corrupt but developer was not working Im not sure if its because of the OS im using.

  15. David says:

    Develop section does not work, any solution ?

  16. Igor says:

    Does it work on Mac Intel with Developer Module?

  17. iamtthis says:

    I also can’t get Develop mode to work. Can’t pass the trial step without a credit card. Anyone have a fix?

  18. Mike says:

    working fine as native m1 application

  19. unam says:

    It works well on my M1 MacBook. However, each run requires the ‘Adobe licensing infomation’ key. Reject works fine, but every time the window runs, it is cumbersome, and if allowed, the develop module does not work. Is there any way to solve it?

  20. LOKI says:

    Does it work on apple M1 silicon ??

  21. Porkoa says:

    When I try to start the trial mode, CC App/Lightroom asks me to put my credit card details in order to start the trial mode. So I can’t pass this step. I tried creating a new adobe ID, same issue 🙁

  22. Unam says:

    works nice on my m1 air including develop module ( 12.4 monterey )

  23. Porkoa says:

    Same issue as ruscle, CC app/Lightroom ask for credit card details to start the free trial. Can’t pass this step then… I tried to use a VPN to log from other countries but it didn’t help 🙁

  24. Cali says:

    My adobe account says I am in free trial mode. I ran the patch though, any idea why or what to do?

  25. Rafael says:

    Here WORK. iMac 21.5 Intel. MacOS Monterey 12.4. Tnkx Alot.

  26. ju123 says:

    I am confused. I clicked the download button and it downloaded a dmg file but what do I do next? When I run it, it says that it cannot be opened since it’s not trusted and I can’t drag it anywhere. Does anyone know what I am supposed to do next?

  27. ruscle says:

    When I want to start the trail, it asks me for signing up for a Yyear. Anybody has a work around how to start the trail?

  28. Tin says:

    I can confirm that version 11.4 “Develop” module works perfectly on my M1 Max Mac Studio (macOS Monterey 12.4).
    I installed by singing in with Adobe ID via Adobe Creative Cloud app (didn’t use AntiCC).

  29. Alex says:

    Can you confirm if it works on mac intel?

  30. Timmy says:

    I think I got develop mode working… I made a new adobe account with another email address. This allowed me to start a new 7 day free trial. I then went through the usual process as described in the info.txt

  31. Patterson says:

    man after the June 10th update this totally fully works!, thank you very much Admin , much love to you.

  32. nuimy says:

    Huge Thank you,
    This one is working !

  33. George says:

    Dear Admin I wanted to say a huge thank you! The updated version works perfectly for m1 pro Monterey 12.3.1.

  34. bluehour says:

    Solution by RS worked for me (so far, will test extensively tomorrow)

  35. deko says:

    Hi guys, does this by “RS” work for you? Please report! Thanks. I was trying to install all morning but the Develop Module would not work

    RS says: June 10, 2022 at 9:49 am
    You have probably installed LR already, no sweat, don’t uninstall.
    Start LR and Connect to Creative Cloud and Develop will work.
    Now force kill Creative Cloud in your ACTIVITY MONITOR.
    Stop LR
    Start LR again and it should work like normal !!

    Thanks for sharing guys

  36. RS says:


    You have probably installed LR already, no sweat, don’t uninstall.
    Start LR and Connect to Creative Cloud and Develop will work.
    Now force kill Creative Cloud in your ACTIVITY MONITOR.
    Stop LR
    Start LR again and it should work like normal !!

    Thanks for sharing guys

  37. hakxc says:

    Thanks a lot! This update (10th June 2022) works great on M1 Pro including the develop module. No problems at all so far. The installation process is a bit cumbersome but I figured it out and now it all works perfectly. Thanks again!

  38. George says:

    Dear Admin can we please have lightroom working for m1, monterey 12.3.1? Thank you.

  39. Joeblack says:

    Develop mode not working, can’t use the app…

  40. Arthur P. Dent says:

    I also tried the 11.3 version over on Same problem. What’s so hard about getting Lightroom to work?

  41. George says:

    Hello and good afternoon good sir admin, I wanted to let you know that we really appreciate your work. Is it possible to give it another go so we can have lightroom fully working for MacBook m1 pro with Monterey 12.3.1? Thank you.

  42. lathoud says:

    je suis intéressé par votre version pour M1
    merci pour votre travail

  43. coreprew says:

    develop mode doesn’t work

  44. Bebetto says:

    I’m interested

  45. giova says:

    develop module doesn’t load (it only shows an empty screen)

  46. teo says:

    just use the 9.4 version and you’ll be fine. working on m1 pro with Monterey 12.1

  47. Kyaw Hpone Naing says:

    Hey, I have develop module working version[Only for M1]
    if you interest contact me.

  48. Michael says:

    Hi, can you please give it another try with Lightroom, so we can have it fully working?
    we appreciate your work!

  49. shut says:

    developer mode blank not working

  50. Arthur P. Dent says:

    Lightroom without a develop or map module is Bridge.

  51. Samantha says:

    HEY! It doesn’t work with the solutions in the comments, anticc doesn’t open in any way and the executable doesn’t work…all is corrupted. HELP

  52. dori says:

    Develop module doesn’t work.

  53. FjIOP says:

    Why a release if the dev module doesnt work ?? WTF ! it s an photo app, not an album app.
    if anticc not ok then
    sudo bash
    xattr -cr /Users/…/

  54. sid says:

    same thing for me : developpement tab is not working, any one fixed it ??

  55. Pamela Flowers says:

    Copy AntiCC onto desktop…then it will work from there.
    You can also try:

    xattr -r -d [DRAG APP HERE] then press enter key (return key)

  56. haxkc says:

    Develop mode is not working, everything is greyed out. Is there a fix?

  57. Arthur P. Dent says:

    They released it knowing the Develop Module isn’t working. Fix it.

  58. Yousef says:

    opened fine but develop module didn’t work 😩

  59. nuimy says:

    I confirm under Monterey on Intel, the development tab is not working using Adobe Cloud installed or AntiCC.

  60. GMeo4k says:

    Hi, like the others, the development module does not start, I installed AntiCC (with codesign).. help?

  61. Ryan says:

    Lr 11.1 can load and library module ok, but develop module is blank, anyone has this problem and someone pls help.

  62. koy says:

    anticc not working or damaged

  63. Foost says:

    @zee Instructions from info.txt are clear:
    “If AntiCC doesn’t launch, right-click (or ctrl-click) and select “Show Package Contents”, navigate to “Contents/MacOS/”, and launch the “applet” executable inside “

  64. Foost says:

    “Failed to launch task: The operation couldn’t be completed. Bad executable (or shared library)”
    On Monterey, Apple M1 Pro

  65. nuimy says:

    AntiCC is not damaged copy it somewhere and unquarantine it:
    sudo xattr -rd Downloads/

  66. nuimy says:

    With the provided anti-cc it doesn’t work for me, Development and Map tabs are unusable, it requires to connect to Adobe Cloud. But obviously AntiCC prevents to connect to Adobe.

  67. Sandra says:

    I installed on LRC on Catalina system. Cracked worked but developer module not working.

  68. Vlad says:

    Develop module doesn’t work.

  69. AdamantD37 says:

    Develop mode not working as well…any fix?

  70. AdamantD37 says:

    The AntiCC is giving a damaged error message and the applet is also showing a damaged error…

  71. Arai901 says:

    I’m getting following error when trying to install Lightroom:

    Error: Syntax Error: Parse error: Unexpected EOF (-2700).
    Does the Application.json File in the Contents folder need to be edited?

  72. ZEE says:

    AntiCC.tool is damaged.please help.thnq soo much

  73. msncs says:

    Administrator, latest version 11.3

  74. amir says:

    anticc 1.4 not work!!!!!

  75. M1 says:

    This is work for M1

  76. Piyu says:

    LRC 11.1. installed on Catalina system. Crack worked but in LRC Developer Module not working.

  77. NeoTrace says:

    Develop Module still not working, everything is greyed out, anyone know how to fix this
    or is it just not possible at this point?

  78. Pallab says:

    wow thanks

  79. jim says:

    Develop module doesn’t work.

  80. toto says:

    can’t wait to try! thanks to the uploader 🙂

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